Centerville Clinics

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Centerville Clinics

Washington, Pennsylvania

Working closely with Tom Carlins of Carlins Consulting, the project’s lighting design won an award from the Electric League of Western Pennsylvania (ELWP) as the Best Institutional Lighting Project.

The new clinic creates a sense of warmth in Washington thanks to the visibility of the lighting seen upon approach to the building. Graced with a second level clearstory that spans the length of the floor through the patient waiting area and the business office, the building fairly twinkles, creating a sense of security and vitality for all who seek treatment inside. In a city like Pittsburgh that has a limited number of sunny days throughout the year, visitors and patients are sure to feel warm and sunny here no matter the weather. Soothing illumination keeps the waiting area light and airy.

Visitors will enjoy the decorative wall sconces located within the clinic’s common areas, which were created to match the pendants in the lobby. Camman Lighting designers carefully crafted chandelier style installations to match the overall atmosphere of the clinic. The luminaire theme is taken to a new level with the task lighting on the second level in the reception area. Finally we are drawn back into the clearstory giving dramatic effect to its duplication of the chandelier with a single pendant.

Fixtures Used:

P520 | Pike
OW520 | Pike
W520 | Pike

Sales Agency: Architectural Lighting Sales, Inc. | Canonsburg, PA
Architect: CMS Services, LLC | Pittsburgh, PA
Engineer: Carlins Consulting | Pittsburgh, PA