LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge

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LeConte Center

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Camman Lighting served as part of a round table discussion process with key players involved in the design and building process, including Lumen Control, the architect, general contractor and electrical contractor. Choosing fixtures that evoke a rustic charm while efficiently warming the space and providing the versatility needed for 21st-century large assembly convention center served as our common goal. By working closely with the architectural and design team, Camman Lighting was able to create exactly what the center wanted to achieve in its design. The outcome of this meeting was a collaborative decision on final fixture selections, acrylic patterns and finish choices for all the custom Camman fixtures.

Sales Agency: LumenControl Inc. | Knoxville, Tennessee
Architect: SRA Architects | Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Contractor: Merit Construction | Knoxville, Tennessee